ESTD : 1969
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Aziz Ahmad Muneri

Where there is education, there is knowledge;
Where there is knowledge, there is wisdom;
Where there is wisdom, there is righteousness;
Where there is righteousness, there is a civilised society;
Where there is a civilised society, there is peace;
And where there is peace, there is prosperity..!!

Be educated, be civilised, be prosperous..!!

Mobile :- 9386841563

List of the Members of Governing Body

President Suleman Khan Azad
Mob : 9631261594
Vice President Shah Zaman Anwar
Mob : 9431271923
Secretary S.A. Shamsi
Mob : 7870055555
Joint Secretary Md. Enamul Hassan
Mob : 8271646125
Member S. Qaiser Sharfuddin
Mob : 9431279696
Member Masood Manzar
Mob : 9709592368
Member Md. Badruddin
Mob : 8804117676
Educationist Member Md. Shafiqur Rahman
Mob : 9931923181
Professor Incharge Dr. Hafizur Rahman Khan
Mob : 9934219700
Teacher's Representative Dr. Md. Wasimul Haque
Mob : 9973277963
Teacher's Representative Dr. Shujaat Ali Khan
Mob : 9431279718